Norway has a mix of locations for backcountry skiing including undulating terrain (such as the Hardangervidda) and challenging steeper slopes and ski peaks in areas such as the Sunnmore Alpes, Romsdalen and the Lofoten Islands and the Lyngen Alps in the North.

  • Very cold temperatures and short daylight hours occur during winter, particularly in the north. The Northern Lights are sometimes seen.

  • Spring (March, April, and May) is the most popular time for backcountry skiing. The days get longer and the weather gets warmer all over the country. Spring snow conditions are common but cold snaps can still occur with fresh snow dumps.

  • Avalanches do occur in many locations - seek local advice on avalanche risk in areas you intend to ski.

  • Crevasses are very uncommon.

  • Some huts with wardens and meals are available during winter, others are self catering. It is common to use a town as a base and do several backcountry day tours in a region. This approach allows you to select a location with the best weather for the day, but a vehicle is required.

Locations include:

    • Sunnmøre Alps - challenging steeper slopes and ski peaks up to 1700m around Hjørundfjorden in Western Norway. Ski peaks include Slogen, Skarasalen, Dukhornet, Blaja, Kolåstinden,

    • Romsdal Alps - challenging ski peaks such as Blånebba and Gjuratinden close to fjords. Åndalsnes and Isfjorden are towns that provide a good base.

    • Lofoten Islands - ski peaks and routes with superb views across fjords and the ocean with warmer weather due to the coastal location

    • Tromso and Kvaloya, North Norway - numerous ski peaks with views across fjords including Skitntinden, Storstolspan, Nordfjellet, Middagstinden, Ullstinden, Steinskardtinden

    • Lyngen Alps, North Norway - alpine mountains with excellent touring terrain and excellent ski peaks.

    • Hardangervidda - an expansive plateau with rolling terrain, popular for snow kiting

Map of some routes from Ski Touring in Norway guidebook

A comprehensive guide to ski touring in Norway. Published by Fri Flyt.

  • ISBN-10: ‎ 8293090316

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