First aid kit

A good first aid kit is essential for backcountry skiing. While prevention is better than cure and injuries are rare, its good to be prepared. The following items are suggestions for your first aid kit. You can add local and/or country specific items as required.

Do an accredited first aid course that also covers hypothermia and wound treatment.

Wound Care/Burns/Blisters

Assorted adhesive bandages

☐ Self-adhering bandage

☐ Cotton gauze impregnated with paraffin (non stick on open wounds, e.g. Bactigras)

Low adherent absorbent dressings (eg. Melolin)

☐ Hemostatic (blood-stopping) gauze (eg. Quickclot combat gauze)

☐ Gauze swabs (various sizes)

☐ Butterfly bandages/Wound-closure strips


☐ Antiseptic wipes (BZK- or alcohol-based)

☐ Betadine solution (antiseptic)

☐ Tincture of benzoin swabs

☐ Cotton-tip applicators (Q-tips)

☐ Medical adhesive tape (hypoallergenic, e.g. Micropore)

☐ Burn cream

☐ Moleskin or duoderm (for blisters)

☐ Antibiotic ointment

☐ 2nd Skin dressings


Elastic bandage with closure

☐ Triangular bandage

☐ Finger splint

☐ SAM splint

☐ Instant ice pack


☐ Ibuprofen

☐ Pain killers (paracetamol and/or codeine)

☐ Antihistamine

☐ Anti-itch cream (hydrocortisone)

☐ Lomotil (diphenoxylate/atropine)

☐ Aspirin

☐ Prescription medications

☐ Rehydration tablets


☐ Scissors / EMT shears

☐ Splinter picker/Tick remover forceps

☐ Oral thermometer

☐ Safety pins

☐ Irrigation syringe

☐ Duct tape

Personal Protection

☐ Nitrile gloves

☐ CPR face shield

N95 face mask


☐ Emergency heat-reflecting blanket

Self Activating Blanket (expensive)

☐ Eye wash

☐ Sunscreen

☐ Lip balm

☐ Insect repellent

☐ Epipen (allergy and anaphylaxis)

☐ Small ziplock bags for organization

☐ Small notepad and waterproof pencil or pen

☐ Pocket instruction guide

☐ Water purification tablets or filter

☐ Waterproof bag (to hold everything)