People have been using snowboards in the backcountry for some time. However, a snowboard can't go uphill. Backcountry snow boarders have used snowshoes or carried a short pair of skis for going uphill.

A splitboard is a special type of snowboard that solves this by separating into two sections that can be used like skis with special bindings that allow walking uphill.

For uphill mode

  • The board is separated into two sections by undoing a latch mechanism

  • The binding on each section is rotated to orient it along the board, allowing the boarder to walk uphill

  • Skins fitted to each section providing grip

For downhill mode:

  • The sections are latched securely together

  • The bindings rotated across the board.

Plum Transition Splitboard - downhill mode
Plum Transition Splitboard - uphill mode